Getting Started

Welcome to the BWC eLearning Portal!

Whether you've taken an online learning course before or are entirely new to the concept, we want to give you a quick guide for getting started with this new system. 

Some courses will not have quiz or test components, discussion, or assignments, so there may be no login required to follow the course. Some courses, such as Safe Sanctuaries, do require a passing score for documentation purposes, so you will have to have both a login and enrollment in the course

How to create your account

At the top of the site, right corner, there is a link to ‘Log in.’ Click that link to proceed.

Top bar - login

At the login page, you’re given an option to log in with your account (if you’ve already created one), or, create one.

Account login/creation screen

After you’ve created an account, there’s just one more step you’ll have to follow – confirmation. You’ll receive an email within just a couple moments with a link to confirm your account setup.

Account confirmation message

Enrolling in a course

Now that you have an account, you can enroll in a course. From the site home page or listing of courses, click on the course name to see the course info and additional details.

Navigating into the course

Once in the course, you’ll see a longer navigation list in the left sidebar, and below that, ‘Course Administration.’ Inside the Course Administration box, you’ll see a link for ‘Enrol me in this course.’

Course navigation

You’ll then be presented ‘Enrolment Options.’ At the bottom, just click the ‘Enrol me’ button, and you’re set.

Enrol me button


Once you’re enrolled in the course, you’ll see links on the left for your Gradebook, where you can check your quiz or assignment scores.


Questions? Let us know!

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 3:15 PM